Karen Grace Kassy

A Happier, Healthier, More Successful Life
Through Using the Tool of Intuition

Do you ask yourself questions like:

  • “I want to feel good and sleep well. What can I do to improve and maintain health?”
  • "I feel stuck...what can I do to get unstuck?”
  • “What is the best career, business, and life direction for me so that I'm happier?
  • "What�s the best strategy for my business and financial well-being?”
  • “What do I need to do to make my relationships work?
  • "My creativity is stagnant. What are some changes that will work?”
  • “What are the answers that will feel right and work for me?�

Empower Yourself with Insight from an Intuitive Consultation

By utilizing the tool of intuition, you can find improvement in many aspects of your life. But how do you access it? A session with Karen Grace Kassy, intuitive and best-selling author, offers accurate life, health, career, business and relationship intuition by telephone.  An intuitive consultation with Karen is practical and solution-focused.

What is intuition? Verified by Stanford, Duke, Princeton and other institutions, intuition is a way to receive previously unknown guidance and information. A session with Karen unlocks insights that help guide you in a better direction. And, with Karen’s assistance and skilled communication you’ll easily understand and apply what you learn during your consultation to your health, career, relationships and life.

For your pet, intuition offers powerful insights. Karen can help you gain access to information about your pet’s behavior or illness. You’ll make sense out of confusing symptoms and bring helpful information to your veterinarian for evaluation and diagnosis.  If you want your animal companion to be happier and healthier, an intuitive consultation offers help.

Contact Karen today to arrange an intuitive consultation to get yourself on the path toward greater understanding, health and happiness.

Karen has worked with clients all over the world. She is the author of the best-selling book Health Intuition with a foreword by noted Medical Intuitive, Caroline Myss PhD. Karen helps people to learn to use their own intuition. She teaches workshops and classes worldwide and offers private, customized intuition lessons.

Health Intuition® and Health Intuitive® are registered servicemarks owned by Karen Grace Kassy. Please note: Karen is the only one who can certify Health Intuitives and teach Health Intuition. This is to ensure the accuracy, ethics, and integrity for the future of the field of intuition.


Karen Grace Kassy

Karen Grace Kassy, best-selling
author of Health Intuition

Carloine Myss, Ph.D. "Karen is an accurate intuitive with a physician-verified ability. She continues to take her field and understanding to new levels."� Caroline Myss, Ph.D.,
from the foreword to Karen's book Health Intuition
Health Intuition
"Health Intuition is among the finest books I�ve read on the subject."
� Caroline Myss, Ph.D.
From her foreword to Health Intuition